Welcome to Whispering Creek Boerboels


We are a family-owned breeder located in the heart of Virginia. With over 20 years of dog-breeding and -judging experience, we are now working to improve the wonderful South African Boerboel breed.

Our Boerboel Breeding Goals

Our experience has taught us that in order to improve the breed, one must start with the best available dogs. After extensive research and first-hand contact with outstanding Boerboels, we have assembled nine fine male and female dogs that represent some of the finest pedigrees in the Boerboel breed today.

We have also made careful decisions regarding mating selection, with our objective being to improve Boerboel health, temperament, and breed standard. As we are focused on breed improvement (not maintaining status-quo pedigrees), Whispering Creek daughters will replace mothers, and sons will replace fathers. Therefore, we will keep some of the highest-rated puppies as prime breeding animals, with other pups and adults available for purchase.

We are putting extensive time and effort into selecting, mating, raising, and caring for our beloved Boerboels. We promise to do everything possible to make Whispering Creek Boerboels "the best of the best".

Great Boerboels Deserve Great Owners

Boerboels are intelligent and handsome - outstanding working dogs that make great family pets. They're also friendly and affectionate creatures that enjoy relating to dogs and humans alike.

You should know that while we have outside kennels, our dogs also spend time in our home with us as family members. We believe Boerboels deserve to receive excellent care and socialization throughout their lives, and trust our customers believe this too.

Therefore, please do not contact us if you wish to purchase one of our dogs, but intend to keep it on a chain or in a crate; or, if you are not committed to providing it with proper nutrition or to give it the attention it needs to maintain a healthy personality.

Learn More About Whispering Creek Boerboels

Please review our site to learn more about our facility, our breeding males and females, dogs currently available for purchase, and our planned Boerboel matings. Please contact us to learn more about our dogs and our breeding program. We look forward to your questions and comments.